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Elon Musk is Highly Rated by Employees

Elon Musk is Highly Rated by Employees

the true measure of any leader is determined by their team members and how they would rate them as a boss and manager. A CEO has the influence in any business to not only help propel a company forward and create an impressive amount of positive influence, but to also tear down and disband a company. Some CEOs have multiple companies under their watchful eyes that are offered their guidance and leadership and others have only one focus and one company they manage and try to lead toward success in a variety of ways.

Elon Musk is well known in the automotive world as the CEO of Tesla, but he has been rated as one of the top ten CEOs in the country for his work with one of his other companies. Musk runs Tesla, OpenAl, The Boring Company, Neualink and SpaceX. SpaceX is by far one of the most advanced and impressive companies that Elon Musk is involved with and it’s with this company that he was rated as high as he is. The team at Glassdoor have recently offered their rankings of the 100 highest-rated CEOs in American and Elon Musk ranked eighth on the list.

Currently, SpaceX employs nearly 4,000 people and is 40th on the list from Glassdoor of “Best Places to Work.” This makes SpaceX a standard for the Elon Musk collection of companies to achieve the same excellence and be rated within this group as well. This was the only company eligible for this rating because Glassdoor likely didn’t receive enough employee submissions from the other companies to put them in the same category. With more than one company to manage you might have thought Musk would have a hard time being considered in the top part of this ranking at all.

The rankings from Glassdoor is decided by anonymous entries from employees. The average score Musk received was a 98 percent which is well above the average for the study which came in at a 67 percent. This landed Musk in the eighth place on the list with one other 98 percent CEO ahead of him and six that were rated at 99 percent. This is a huge honor and a great place for this CEO to be rated and hopefully bodes well for his other companies as he moves forward and looks to continue to build upon the success that’s been created.

As for the Tesla part of the equation, Elon Musk is preparing to deliver the next great product from this company, which is the Model 3 and then he will be ready to begin the next project. Possibly we’ll see the ratings for Elon Musk in more ways than with just SpaceX in the future as he continues to develop new and better technology in many different aspects of business. Being rated in the eight positions while managing the number of companies he does certainly gives us a glimpse as to just how dynamic Elon Musk is and how determined he can be to accomplish his goals.

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