Dual-Zone Climate Control gives the Power to Save Relationships

Dual-Zone Climate Control

When shopping for a vehicle and one of the included or optional features is dual-zone climate control this is a really cool feature in a vehicle that not only allows both the driver and passenger to have their own control over their area of the vehicle, but also helps to save many relationships. It almost seems silly to think a feature in a car can save a personal relationship, and it’s not necessarily a selling feature of a vehicle, but by having a control for temperature and fan power on both sides of a vehicle allows both driver and passenger to enjoy their own setting.

As a full explanation, dual-zone climate control is a climate control system that allows either side of a vehicle to be heated or cooled separately from the other. This is achieved with the use of two sets of controls on the dashboard and in general adds a larger price tag to the vehicle. Even though the price does go up and additional buttons and displays are needed up front to make this work, the enjoyment of each person using the dual-zone climate control is unmistakable. Instead of having to discuss what temperature to have the setting on or how hard the fan should blow, each side of the vehicle can choose for themselves, dismissing the need for any arguments at all.

As a distinct advantage over regular climate control, many automakers have even taken this a step farther by offering tri-zone and even quad-zone climate controls on many vehicles. These additional zones of climate control are found in larger vehicles and offer additional controls for the rear seat passengers. If a tri-zone and quad-zone climate control are found in a sedan or car of any type that vehicle is on the upper end of the luxury spectrum for vehicles. Most of the time the tri-zone control is meant for back seat passengers to be able to control their own climate. For the quad-zone climate control it offers controls on both sides of the rear seat, not for the back two rows in a vehicle that has three rows of seating.

All of these types of climate control are offered as automatically controlled. This allows the climate control system to sense when the temperature in the vehicle is above or below a set temperature by a specific amount. Once the temperature has varied enough from the preset temperature, the system will turn on to bring the cabin temperature back to what the preset temperature is. Once the set temperature is reached, the system will turn off. This not only allows occupants to enjoy the benefits of having their comfortable temperatures be more constant in the vehicle but also have a bit of energy savings that is similar to that found in homes.

These different zones of climate control are found at a standard feature on many of the premium and luxury vehicles as well as on SUV’s and larger vehicles. On other classes of vehicles the zone climate controls are offered as optional features. Even though adding these to a vehicle adds to the price, the overall enjoyment of a zoned climate control in a vehicle offers added comfort and leads to fewer arguments over the temperature the cabin should be set at.

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