Does FCA Have the Right Idea?

Does FCA Have the Right Idea?

When you look at what FCA has to offer us for the automotive market in North America, most of what you see comes in the form of the Ram pickup trucks and the Jeep SUVs. When you turn to the Chrysler, Fiat, and Dodge names, it feels like these brands are going to be reduced to nothing shortly, but that’s not the case at all. In fact, if you take a look specifically at Chrysler and Dodge, you’re going to find something interesting in a market that has been selling fewer models each year over the past several years.

What Chrysler Offers

The Chrysler brand has been reduced to only two models for the entire lineup which are the Pacifica minivan and the large 300 sedan. The Pacifica competes in an area of the market that has been reduced to only a few competitors and sells nearly 500,000 models each year. Even so, this market is important and the Pacifica has made it possible for FCA to see strong sales in the minivan are with this advanced model that has captured over half of these total market sales with the inclusion of technology and a hybrid powertrain that’s never been seen before.

The Chrysler 300 is the large sedan that also competes in a class that has seen fewer models being offered in the market every year. With rumors that other competitors are planning to get out of this segment, the 300 continues to be a strong performer that offers the feeling of a premium sedan at a price that’s more affordable. This car allows us to have a badge we know and trust without the need to spend more just to have a luxury brand name on the front of the car.

What Dodge Offers

There are now four models from Dodge, two of which are SUVs, which we’ll ignore for this piece. The Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger cars are two of the most exciting cars to ever make their way to the market and they have both been selling more models every year than the previous year. This isn’t typically the trend for any vehicle, but the continued effort by FCA to keep these models fresh and enjoyable for the drive makes it possible for them both to be more impressive and more fun for the drive desired on the roads and tracks around the country.

When the world thought an affordable muscle car couldn’t reach power numbers over 700 horsepower, FCA offered us the Hellcat engine and more recently the Demon tuning that brings us 707 and 840 ponies respectively. When the idea of an AWD muscle car was scoffed at, FCA chose to show that the Challenger GT was possible and necessary for the market. Where else are you going to get the amount of excitement that a 300 horsepower V6 engine can offer while being attached to an AWD layout? The Challenger and Charger have proved the plan from FCA seems to work, even though they don’t offer the typical number of vehicles that we expect from an automaker, but they are proving that it’s not necessary from their brands.

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