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Dealership May Be Able To Inspect Your Child’s Car Seat For Proper Installation

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It is every parent’s dream to bring home their tiny bundle home in a safe vehicle. That’s why we buy the best car seat and spare no expense to make sure our little ones are safe when they ride in our car, truck, or SUV. We could never image if our babies got hurt because we didn’t provide them with a safe ride. There are several people that believe they are installing their baby’s safety gear properly, when in fact, they may be doing it wrong, putting the little one at risk.

There are several agencies that provide car seat installation inspections and can help you make sure you little one is buckled in safe every time you go for a ride. Fire stations, police stations, and even some events hold free inspections to make sure your baby’s car seat is safely installed and ready to go. What many people don’t know is that your local dealership may be able to help you install the carseat properly as well.

If you think about it, it makes sense that your local dealership would be experts at installing child car seats. They do, after all, sell the vehicles and are trained product experts. They are trained specifically on your vehicle. For instance, a Honda store knows your Honda and can help you make sure the child seat is installed the right way. They can also help with other vehicle types as well.

Some dealerships even employ Certified Child Seat Passenger Safety Technicians that study the proper way to install various styles of child seats and can help make sure yours is properly installed in your vehicle. Many dealerships keep up to date on car seat recalls as well and can inform you if yours is involved in the recall.

This is just one more reason you should trust your local dealership not only with the safety of your vehicle, but with the safety of your child. They can help keep everyone safe by recommending routine maintenance for your vehicle as well as preventative measures that may be missed by the local repair shop or Jiffy Lube. They can keep you up to date on any recalls, install your child seat properly, or inspect your installation to make sure everyone in the family is safe, even the littlest ones.

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