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Compact Comfort with the new Toyota Corolla.

Compact is a word often used to describe things that are tightly packed or jammed together. All too often the definition of the word compact is synonymous with what you get when trying to purchase a compact car. They’re not typically comfortable, people feel as though they have to fold themselves up to get into and out of them, and your backseat passengers are often jammed inside. However, Toyota comes through again, with an outstanding option for the discerning driver looking for a compact vehicle. The Toyota Corolla means never having to settle for jam-packed when you’re looking for compact.

The Corolla has been around for a long time, longer than most people would think. It was originally produced in 1964 and quickly became on the best-selling compact cars on the market. By 2013, over 40 million Corollas had been sold worldwide, surpassing the sales of many popular models of vehicles. This little compact has made quite a progression over the past fifty years, from a boxy rear-wheel drive vehicle to an aerodynamic and sporty front wheel drive car. Given the level of craftsmanship dedicated to all Toyota vehicles, it’s no wonder why this car continues to grow in popularity year by year.

The latest design of the Corolla is made to provide maximum fuel efficiency and better handling, focusing more on aerodynamics than previous years. It also focuses largely on a better exterior appearance, with an almost aggressive looking front end featuring LED headlights. On some models, there is also a rear spoiler that isn’t just adding to the Corolla’s pretty face, it actually serves a purpose to increase the overall performance. With a starting price of just over $17000, and ten different colors to choose from, the Corolla is all about making a bold statement.

Typically, the year before a model is about to change, manufacturers offer a special edition. Toyota Corolla special edition pulls out all the stops, focusing on wowing people. Featuring jet black wheels and a fire engine red paint job, the special edition is adorned with badges advertising its special edition status. The Corolla special edition is also standardly equipped with the smart key system and push button start features that have become very desirable in newer vehicles. Even the interior of this model is decked out in high-class fashion, with black seats and red contrasts to enhance its beauty.

Not only is the exterior focused on fluidity, but the interior possesses the same focus as well. A solid unit dashboard is built to showcase the speedometer/odometer combination and the technology of the center console. Newer seating material technology called SofTex is offered in premium models, and this near leather material is both water and stain resistant, perfect for protecting your car from the rigors of kids and pets. The backseat is never an ideal place to be, but in the Corolla, Toyota has added extra space to better accommodate your passengers. Often, the biggest detriment in compact vehicles in the lack of trunk space, but this isn’t the case in the Corolla as it is large enough to hold anything you have, and more with a 60/40 split backseat.

The Corolla is loaded with an enviable amount of technology that makes it competitive with the big boys. As an option, choose the Entune Audio package and gift yourself with in-dash navigation, premium audio, a six-inch touch screen display, and a backup camera all in addition to premium audio. Bluetooth is standard, so connecting your phone to access your music and contacts is made simple and is easily controlled with steering wheel mounted controls. A USB port and auxiliary input make connecting your iPod or phone as easy as charging it. A compact no longer means scrimping on the good stuff in favor of a smaller car.

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