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Car Guy Items For the Holidays

Car Guy Items For the Holidays

Car Guy Items For the Holidays

With Thanksgiving in our rearview mirror and Christmas on the horizon we are speeding quickly through the holidays preparing for the special day when our loved ones open the gifts we purchased for them.  Sometimes the most difficult person on your list can be the easiest to shop for, especially if they are a car guy that seems to have everything you can image for their own car.  With excitement for this event and the thought of finding the right item for everyone on your list here are several great ideas for gifts to give any car guy on your list.

Clothing – Every car guy needs some great clothes that either show their expertise at tuning their car or their complete allegiance to a particular brand.  This can be in the form of a great hat, T-shit, polo or even a fantastic jacket.  Another area of the world car guys get into that others don’t is following their favorite race team or stunt driver; which make it easier than ever to find the right items for the car guy on your list that could really use a bit more wardrobe because theirs is covered in grease and grime.

Dash Camera  A dash camera offers a wide range of purposes for your car guy to enjoy.  If they love to drive off road or on the track this camera can capture all the action to be able to share after the event.  Another purpose of a dash camera is the need to record video in case of an accident that will need to have video evidence to allow fault to be assigned to the right person during this event.  A dash camera will be one of the most loved and used gifts for the car guy on your list.

Back-Up CameraThis is great for the person who doesn’t have a back-up camera as the equipment on their vehicle.  With technology today there is no reason for anyone to go without the use of a backup camera, especially for those areas that cannot be seen otherwise such as directly behind the vehicle.  Attach this little camera to the tailgate of the truck or to the trunklid  and you can see what is happening behind your vehicle, making this one of the best gifts you can give to the car guys on your list this year.

SunglassesThis may not sound like much of a gift, but many of us would love to have a good pair of sunglasses when driving around.  There are those times of the day when the sun is at the wrong angle for us to drive appropriately; with a great pair of sunglasses you can have the right gift and give the car guy on your list the ability to see when the sun is at the wrong angle.  Sunglasses can show of some great style that is perfect for them to be proud to wear them in and out of their car.

Camo Seat Covers Is your car guy a hunter or outdoorsman as well?  If so this is a gift that will be perfect for them to accessorize their truck.  With a great set of camo seat covers there is no way anyone would mistake the car guy on your list as anything but someone who will be perfect for heading outdoors and taking on the wilderness with an expertise that escapes many who patrol the city streets on a regular basis.  Many car guys who are outdoorsmen love this gift and can’t wait to get the covers put on their seats.

Cleaning SuppliesOne thing all car guys have in common who actually take their cars seriously is the fact that they want to have a clean car when they step inside.  This means a great menu of cleaning supplies for each job to ensure the car stays perfect and looks amazing.  You can find some great packages of vehicle cleaning items to let you have the right stuff for your car guy to be able to keep the tires shining, the vinyl and leather looking its best, offer clean and clear windows and most of all a vehicle that has been washed and waxed to a beautiful shine.

Radar DetectorIf your car guy has been working on their high performance speed machine for a while you know they are going to want to be able to unleash the beast and drive as fast as their skills will allow.  While it’s not a good idea to reach the edge of reason a radar detector may help them avoid a ticket or two along the way to the track.  Take care in purchasing this item though, some states do not allow the use of radar detectors when driving.

DroneWhat good can the drone be?  As a camera in flight this is one way your car guy can get a recording of their drive from outside and above the car.  This vantage point can really make for a dramatic look at driving and in this time when we want to have everything possible on video this item will make it fun to put together a great video with a dash camera to show both sides of a great drive on the track.  Performance is fun and capturing some of the most exciting events on video can make the event even better.

With these eight offerings you can find the right give for the car guy on your list.  What is it going to be, the clothing, a great camera, or some awesome cleaning supplies?  Whatever you choose there is no doubt the car guy on your list will love any of these items to add to their collection of great car related items.

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