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Audi is All Over Goodwood

Audi is All Over Goodwood

The annual festival that allows automakers to bring out their best wares and show off the fun and excitement their vehicles can offer a posh but forgiving environment is the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This is where we often see some of the most luxurious new models that are about to hit the market and become part of what we admire and enjoy about the automotive world. At this festival there is one company that intends to participate and what appears to be nearly every event, allowing their name to be spoken across the stage numerous times.

The company that plans to participate fully in the Goodwood Festival of Speed is Audi. This brand has announced it will bring no fewer than 29 cars to the concourse, one of which will make its debut, the R8 Spyder V10 Plus. This is the car we’ve been waiting for and it has already been seen online, but for those who have the tickets to Goodwood in hand, they will get to see this impressive car up close and in person at the concourse and be able to enjoy what an impressive machine this car really is.

the R8 Spyder V10 Plus features a 610 horsepower engine and a droptop roof to be the fastest series-production convertible that Audi has ever produced. This soft top can be lowered in only twenty seconds and the car rides on an extremely lightweight spaceframe chassis to help it achieve the top speeds that are akin to the hardtop model. The car that will be shown at Goodwood will be painted in Micrommata green which is unique to this car, but if you want to purchase this car and have a different color, you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Other Audi models that will make their way to Goodwood include the Q8 Sports Concept which offers a 475 horsepower engine and will eventually become the flagship SUV of the brand. There will also be an Audi Sports RS lineup with the RS5 DTM and the road riding RS5 paired up to make the trek up Lord March’s driveway during the Goodwood Hillclimb. We’ll also see the Group S rallying prototype that was built just before the discontinuation of this group and we’ll get to see the 2000 Audi R8 LMP that won at Le Mans which will be driven by Tom Kristensen.

Of course there will be more Audi models on display and will be participating in the different aspects of this event that will take place starting on Thursday, June participating chance, you should attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed, if not, at least check it out online or on television; this is an event that’s impressive and a lot of fun for everyone involved to show up and show off the amazing cars. You certainly won’t be able to miss the R8 Spyder V10 Plus as it makes it initial debut and is revealed in its gorgeous green color.

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