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Driving apps

Driving apps

The actual experience of driving may be something you don’t always think about.  You head down a road and run errands with the destination in mind and give very little though to driving during these times.  Even when you are busy or you find yourself travelling, having apps that will improve the overall experience while you drive can be a great way to save time and find what you need much faster.  Thankfully there are several app designed just for you and I present to you seven that are perfect for your driving experience and daily needs:

DashThis App is great for giving you the information you want about your car and turning it into a bit of a game.  With the use of an OBD device and your smartphone you can learn about the performance of your car and make it a challenge to have your car are greener with the use of the efficiency feedback the car brings to you.  This app is also useful for notifying your friends and family in case you are in an accident along with calling 911 on your behalf.  Dash can certainly be one of the most useful and informative apps you can make use of while on the road.

Urgent.lyThis app brings roadside assistance to you with a few clicks of the apps.  You can connect with service professionals and then track their progress and location or search for tow trucks and shops that are nearby if you have a breakdown of any kind.  This app is on a pay per use basis and not one that you have to pay for annually.  Another great feature is the fact you don’t have to pay for this service until the service is completed on your vehicle.

ListenWhen you have a car that does not have phone integration to allow you to navigate through your music from your steering wheel controls you need this app.  By connecting with your Apple Music service you can make a simple swipe across your phone to navigate through your music to choose what songs you want to listen to while keeping everyone safe because you can keep your eyes on the road.  This is a great app for those with slightly older vehicles to still feel connected and in control of the musical selections and overall driving enjoyment even in a car without updated technology.

iExitWith this app you don’t have to wait to see the exit signs and learn what each exit has coming up, you will have that information on your phone to take advantage of.  Whether you are getting close to needing gas, are looking for a restaurant for a pit stop, or need a place to crash for the night this app shows you what is located at each exit so you can figure out how far you should drive and what will be around you when you stop to make your stops a bit more enjoyable.

ZirxNow this is a great app to give you a high class feeling.  One of the greatest challenges of driving in a large city is finding parking for your car.  With this app you can summon a valet that will come get your car and park it in a secured lot for you until you need it again.  You can even ask for your car to be washed and filled before being returned to you.  This app is live in Los Angeles, New York and four other major US cities with many more to come, making city driving much easier for you.

HereThe use of GPS on our phones and in our cars has become our trusted way to travel and replaced the old atlas maps that everyone used to have in their car.  When you are out of internet and cell phone service range these services don’t work which is where Here comes in.  This is an app that can get you home even when you have no signal or service by using downloadable maps.  You can drive with confidence making use of the turn by turn directions offered by the Here app and over 30 years of mapmaking experience that goes into it.

Greatest Drive This is a cool app that helps you find the scenic route in the area you are exploring.  This app can help you find a little out of the way place to eat, plenty of scenic stops along the way that make it easy for you to enjoy the beauty around you.  With this app you won’t miss out on any of the cool stuff that is off the beaten path, giving you a much better experience during your drive.  If you are planning a cross country trip, this free app is a great one to download to make the trip even better.

With these seven apps downloaded on your smartphone you can have a much better driving experience on a regular basis.  Whether you need to find a restaurant near an exit or you are looking to find a service professional for your car that broke down these apps can help you with whatever you need in order to make driving your car a much better experience.  Check them out and see how much more connected you can be when you head out on the open road for a relaxing road trip to different parts of our great country.

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