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Citroen Cactus

I know very well we can’t have everything, but isn’t this America where you can nearly get anything you desire any time you want it (within reason of course)?  Not only that, I’m not talking about something illegal or immoral, I’m talking about a car that should be part of the lineup offered here in the states that is already highly popular in other parts of the world.  The car I refer to is the Citroen Cactus which is a fun and funky little four seater that could be the best looking beach cruiser ever.

The Cactus is making a showing at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the version called the Cactus M which is a convertible version of the car with the perfect beach feel to it.  This car comes in with a bevy of bright and vibrant colors to make it a perfect match with your swimsuit or surfboard.  The car offers you some interesting shapes and curves that give it a smooth look in ways that will certainly play well in the sand.  Standing a bit higher than your average sedan the Cactus is ideal for trolling up and down the beach or for cruising along beach road.

As for the functionality of the car, the Cactus M has a modular rear arc that is perfect for attaching surfboards to the top, making it easier for you to transport your favorite toy down to the ocean front.  On the inside the seats are covered in a waterproof neoprene fabric that will let you be comfortable getting in and out of the vehicle with a wetsuit on or in your sandy clothes.  The Cactus M is also easy to clean, much like a Jeep Wrangler, but in a cuter and funkier style.

When you do end up out in foul weather the Cactus M features an inflatable roof that makes it easy to stay protected from the weather on the ride home.  For your rear seat passengers, because this car only has two doors, there is a step cut into the side to give them the chance to step up into the seat without having to move the front seat out of the way.  Overall, it seems like we should already have this car in our arsenal, I’m sure there is a large market for this enticing and beautiful little beach troller.

This car even offers a selectable driving mode system to ensure you can have the ride you want and select between Normal, All-Terrain, Snow and Sand in order to maximize the driving capability.  Toss in the gasoline powered engine that is mated to an automatic transmission and this is a car everyone could drive with ease.  I know we can’t have it all, even though the American Dream is to have it all, but this is certainly one car that needs to make its way across the pond to be sold here in the states.  I know I would be one of the first in line to purchase one.

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