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An Automatic Transmission in a Corvette? Say it isn’t So!

Corvette Automatic Transmission

If you have only ever followed the top models of the Corvette you would not be aware there have actually been automatic transmission in many Corvette offerings for years.  Even though this is the case, the Corvette brings in the thought of a highly engaged sports car that makes you want to be one with the car and the road and feel the entire drive every time you head out in your Corvette.  Because of this the idea that an automatic would ever be considered seems ludicrous but let’s see what we have going on in the new Corvette.

Even though the top of the line Z06 model has never had an automatic transmission this has changed for 2016 that has a brand new in house-built eight-speed automatic.  Chevrolet claims this new transmission is the perfect match for the Z06 version and gives it as a transmission that is keeping up with the supercar models that are offered from European design and highly sought after technology that has now turned to some of the best dual-clutch automatic transmissions to offer better use of the horsepower and reach faster speed than ever before.

The reason for the change from manual transmissions on the top line Corvette and other supercars is actually simple; the technology has surpassed our ability to shift the car efficiently.  The automatic can now shift at the right speed, giving instant changes and make for a much better performance than ever before.  This allows the Corvette Z06 for 2016 to be the fastest ever in a straight line and on a loop around the track to give a performance that is envied by other domestic automakers and even a great deal of the Europeans that have been prowling the top prices and performances for many years.

If you do choose the Z06 as your car of choice, you can have it with a manual transmission and feel the ride as much as you want, but if you plan any track runs in the near future the run to sixty mph in the manual will result in a 3.2 second time while the automatic is able to complete the task in less than 3.0 seconds.  At the quarter mile run the manual will make the run in 11.3 seconds with the automatic making it in 11.2 seconds which is one of the closest tests ever to be seen between two transmissions.

Regardless of how you like your Corvette, kind of like your eggs, it’s still a Corvette and one of the most amazing sports cars in the world and the symbol of iconic sport and powerful performance.  The Z06 is the highest performing Corvette ever built, offering outstanding performance that handles perfectly at top speeds and provides some of the most amazing lap times that can be seen on any car at 22.3 seconds for a lap.  With the continued and outstanding look and feel the Corvette shows itself as a wonderful new high performance sports car that gives you everything you want from the driving excitement that can be enjoyed.

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