Affordability in a Value Drive

Affordability in a Value Drive

Whether you have a family that needs plenty of space to enjoy the drive or you’re looking for a vehicle that provides you with the versatility to carry gear or friends, the Hyundai Santa Fe can be the right vehicle to drive. This SUV shows up with seven-seats, a standard V6 full of power, and a price that’s affordable. This SUV also offers you a ten-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty that will ensure you can have the right way to drive with confidence. You can have AWD in order to add more control for the drive you’ll want to make on some of the lighter trails in your area.
If you want an SUV that has the safety and security you need to offer your family, it shouldn’t come at such an expense that you can’t fit it in your budget. The 2018 version of the Hyundai Santa Fe allows you to have what you need along with the versatility of a cabin that can carry the gear you need to bring home with you or take you and your family out on the road for some adventures. There are plenty of impressive features offered with this SUV to make it the one you’ll want to drive.

Experience the Drive

Last year, the Hyundai Santa Fe was extensively refreshed in order to give you more of the qualities you want on the road. This SUV now has premium wood interior trim features and leather upholstery added to the mix for 2018 to make sure you can have more comfort and visible beauty than before. You’re going to enjoy the fact this SUV has a three-position drive mode selector with Economy, Comfort, and Sport as the choices you can make. You’re sure to admire the quiet of the cabin with the insulation used in the build.

A couple of the features you’re sure to admire when you take a look at the new Santa Fe include the automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection which alerts you and begins to apply the brakes when a danger is detected and the Multi-View Camera system. The camera system offers you a 360-degree overhead bird’s eye view of the Santa Fe and the surroundings to make sure you can see what’s around you and avoid hitting anything in your path. This camera view also makes parking this vehicle much easier for you.

If you’re looking for an SUV that can be right for you to drive, consider the Hyundai Santa Fe and the spacious cabin offered. This is a powerful, feature-filled SUV that brings you the driving dynamics you want and the capability you’re looking for so that you can have the drive you’re looking for. Come in and see your nearby Hyundai dealer and let them show you the different qualities offered in the Hyundai Santa Fe. This is an SUV that will offer you the drive you need so that you can have the adventures you’ve been waiting to enjoy until you had the right vehicle to drive; now you have that vehicle.

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