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Kia Cee'd

When you’re looking for a great car to drive the qualities you typically look for are what fits your lifestyle.  You need a vehicle that will allow you to have the reliability you’re looking for, the mileage you need, the features that make a difference for you on the road and the space to allow you the versatility you want.  Items such as safety and fuel mileage could be important to you as well and they might be exactly what you’re looking for.  When it comes to one particular vehicle that’s recently been listed on Auto Trader there is also an amazing story to be told and enjoyed.

While a Kia Cee’d isn’t much to look at and seems to be simply a conservative and reliable vehicle to experience on the road, there is one that is offered in Europe as a model that has an amazing story that’s ready to be told.  This particular car is now being listed by Auto Trader as a Reasonably Priced Car, which it certainly is, but this car was driven by some of the most famous people in the world during its time on the screen being filmed for a show we’ve all loved.

This little red hatchback has been driven by Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Simon Pegg and Matt LeBlanc, all of whom are exceptionally talented stars of their shows and movies that we all know.  This is a car that was driven quickly around Dunsfold Aerodome by Matt LeBlanc in only 1 minute 42.1 seconds which was the top of the celebrity lap times.  Yes, this is the car that was part of Top Gear and the stories this show has to tell and offer in order to give us a look and a feel for the glory of driving and what it meant for so many years.

This Kia Cee’d has more features than any other you’ll find if you were looking for an amazing car to drive.  This car was offered and still has the Corbeau racing seats, race harnesses, and a full roll cage.  After being on the show with some famous names behind the wheel this car was shipped to Kia with 3,000 miles on it and it was sold to a private owner who has now put another 4,000 miles on the car while being driven on public roads but he’s never raced it or taken it to the track.

Right now this world famous Kia model is being sold for a price that’s lower than you’d ever expect.  This car is listed on Auto Trader for 4,500 pounds which are only a little more than what Auto Trader’s valuation of the vehicle was.  This makes the Kia Cee’d that was used on Top Gear one of the most reasonably priced and famous vehicles we’ve ever seen on television.  This is a car that can fit into your lifestyle well and give you the reasonable price you want and offer you one of the best stories you can have for the driving you’re looking for.

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