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A Hatchback that Really Brings the Heat

2015 Civic Type R

Often admired by many for its sporty styling, the Honda Civic has been a fun hatchback for several generations of the great car. This car has prowled the roads for nearly as long as the Accord and given many their first sporty car as it has always been one that was an affordable price to go along with the great looks which gives the young first time buyers a chance at a car that will take them along the road for a great deal of fun on the road.

As much as we already love the Civic, Honda has released new information that makes it an even more pleasing choice for a daily driver. At the top end, the Civic Type R will offer those of us who buy one an extraordinary top speed of 167 mph. That is no typo, this little hatchback that has been a first sports car for so many and really didn’t have all the sport in the power plant that some would like will give us a 167 mph top speed coming from a power plant that is none other than the 2.0-liter VTEC turbocharged engine. This engine is expected to reach 300 horsepower, but that might be just a low estimate considering the speed this car can reach up to.

Honda claims the reason the Civic Type R can reach just a huge number for speed has more to do with its outstanding high-speed stability, exceptional downforce and virtually flat underside. Add to this a rear diffuser that reaches very close to the ground and a huge rear spoiler and this top speed becomes less of an accident than one that it seems Honda threw into the Civic Type R on purpose. What was their goal; it seems to me the goal was simply to show off a very fast Civic.

With the amazing features that allow the Civic to continue to be stable where many GTI models would be shaking and skittering on the edge of out of control this Civic is a major show off. Even though it’s full of the features to allow nature to let it be fast, mechanically it has what is required as well with strong Brembo brakes and a highly active suspension and steering systems to ensure the car stays under the watchful eye of the driver. Another assistance feature are the ties which are high performing Continental 235/35 ZR19’s that are wrapped firmly around the 19-inch ten spoke alloy wheels giving the car a distinct look of speed.

When the Civic Type R is revealed at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3rd for the European crowd to see it will be seen in Championship White and offer a dramatic viewing and awe inspiring entrance for this amazing little hatchback. Look for this Civic at dealerships this year if you are in the market for a great sports car that offers an amazing top speed, even though many other sports cars are more powerful, this Civic gives a driver all the excitement they can handle on the road.

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