A Favorite Gets Better

A Favorite Gets Better

Typically, when you choose a midsize sedan as the car you want to drive and enjoy on the road, you’ll find a boring and stale car that isn’t exciting in any way and is simply good for being a mode of transportation. Thankfully, most of the automakers that offer us midsize sedans for the drive have chosen to make them better than in the past. This includes the Mazda6 which has been a favorite on the market for many years and continues to improve to be everything we want when it’s time to get out on the road for a drive.

This attractive family sedan is one that shows up with the Kodo design language to be a car that looks impressive and offers you the drive you want when you get out on the road. As a new version of the car is offered, we see it unveiled at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show where we get to see what this car has to offer. This car has been upgraded with more performance, refinement, efficiency, and designs that certainly allow the car to be more of what we want when it’s time to drive.

Moving up the Class

The team at Mazda is aiming for a higher class for this vehicle and expects to see this car offer what we want in terms of performance and a premium feel. Step inside this new version of the Mazda6 and you’re going to see items that include Nappa leather, wood trim items, and UltraSuede NU accent items that are perfect for you to be comfortable when you’re on the road. These items are placed in a cabin that has been completely reworked with only the steering wheel and a few small accent items that carry over from the previous version.

This revamp of the Mazda6 offers you wider front seats, higher density foam, and ventilation in the seats. The technology offered inside this car you’ll have a reconfigurable seven-inch instrument cluster, the new Mazda Connect infotainment screen which is eight-inches in size. Other items you’re going to see when you enjoy this new car include adaptive cruise control, windshield wiper de-icers, and a head-up display. There are several items that bring in the amazing and dynamic feel and look of what Mazda wants to bring to the market with this incredible car.

More Upgrades

In order to provide more of the feeling you want on the road, you’ll enjoy the improved structure of the Mazda6 which is reinforced and stiffer for the drive. The steering rack is now mounted to the body to give you the feeling of what the car is experiencing and you have an improved suspension to make sure you can enjoy more comfort and a supple ride that doesn’t have unwanted noise in the cabin. These upgrades ensure you have even more of what you want in a Mazda which is an engaged drive that allows you to carve up the roads in your area.

On the outside, you’re going to see a new grill and set of LED headlights that give you the front face you desire. There is also a set of upgraded wheels that are both 17 and 19-inches in size to give you the ride you want. The expectation is this new model of the Mazda6 will arrive at the dealerships around the country in the spring of 2018 for our driving pleasure.

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