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A Better Price for the Toyota RAV4 SUV You Love to Drive

A better price for the Toyota RAV4 SUV you love to drive.

One of the SUVs that you love to drive more than others is the Toyota RAV4. This has become one of the most popular and admired small SUVs on the market and it continues to offer us what we have come to expect from Toyota. This SUV is one that makes it easy to fit your family and has the cargo space you’re looking for in the vehicle that allows you to enjoy the ride that’s reasonably efficient. There are several ways you can enjoy the drive you find in the RAV4 and now this is a vehicle that you can have for a better price.

Toyota has chosen to reduce the price on the 2017 models of the Toyota RAV4 and make it a vehicle that you will pay less and still get the quality and the reliability you’ve been looking for. This SUV is capable and versatile with fold down back seats and plenty of great ways to enjoy the drive in a vehicle that offers you the upgraded and modern technology you want to enjoy on the road. No matter how you plan to drive the RAV4, you’re going to find a price that’s better than ever for the new models.

Starting at the base model, the LE now has a price that has been lowered to $25,370, which includes the destination fees. This is a decrease of two percent compared to the old price which means you’ll save $500 on this SUV and still be able to enjoy the impressive selection of great features that are offered for you to give you the drive and the performance you want on the road. This SUV is the one you want when you’re ready to have a vehicle that lasts a long time and is a pleasure to drive.

This isn’t the only Toyota RAV4 model that has received a reduction in the pricing to become a vehicle that’s more affordable for you. The Limited model is receiving a $925 decrease in price to give you a total price of $31,865 while the SE model now starts at $31,150 which is a reduction of $1,195. The XLE is the version that will give you the biggest savings with a reduction of $1,330 which brings the price of this trim down to $27,860 to be one of the more affordable choices you can have in the Toyota RAV4.

The Platinum and Hybrid models of the Toyota RAV4 are still priced the same way as before to make it possible for you to have the price you need on this SUV. As a model that we love to drive, the RAV4 is an SUV that is now even more affordable for you while being one of the right SUVs to have the quality ride you’re looking for and the features you want. If it’s time for a new SUV for you, see your nearby Toyota dealership today and check out the pricing that’s offered on one of the most popular SUVs to make its way to the market in this RAV4 lineup.

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