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2016 Chevrolet Cruze Limited: A Filler Car that is Anything But

2016 Cruze Limited


The Chevrolet Cruze Limited is certainly not a limited option by any means.  As a car that is in the process of being upgraded this car offers what we have loved from the Cruze for years.  You can have a great compact sedan that offers some great high end features, depending upon the trim level chosen, and an interior that begs to be put in the midsized sedan class rather than the compact one.  The Cruze is one of the quietest rides in the class as well; giving you a place you can enjoy some great music or listen to the radio without interruption.

When you buy a sedan you pretty much know you are getting a car that is for your daily commute.  That doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort and quality of ride, the Cruze offers these things.  For this new year and the fact that this is a filler model the Limited lineup has deleted the diesel engine but otherwise comes to this year with no changes from last year.  This is a sedan you can feel great about buying in order to have a car you enjoy on a daily basis.

Driving a car should offer plenty of handling and a great deal of engagement during every drive.  When you have a mainstream compact sedan that offers a smooth ride and quiet cabin are you seriously going to ask the car to also be great handling and fun to drive?  You bet you are and the Cruze Limited certainly fits the bill.  The dynamic suspension and great steering will give you the performance you want and let you enjoy driving your new Cruze Limited without worrying that the car is going to let you down on any road.

Heading under the hood we see that the Cruze Limited offers you a choice of two engines that can be perfect for your driving and commuting needs.  The first one is the 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder engine that offers 138 horsepower and 125 lb.-ft. of torque.  This engine is the one you will find if you choose the L or LS model and certainly can enjoy good fuel mileage for this car.  The fuel numbers come in at 25 city/36 hwy mpg for the manual transmission and 22 city/35 hwy mpg for the automatic to make this a car you can drive and enjoy.

Of course if you want more fuel efficiency you need to move up to the LT1, Eco, LT2 and LTZ models which will also give you a car that has more standard features.  This second engine is a 1.4-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine which offers the same 138 horsepower but an increase to 148 lb.-ft. of torque.  This version of the Cruze Limited offers a variety of fuel number depending upon trim and transmission with a low of 26 city/38 hwy for the manual and automatic that is not in the Eco model then 28 city/42 hwy mpg for the manual Eco while the manual automatic will give you 26 city/39 hwy mpg.

When you step inside the Cruze Limited you will be presented with a gorgeous and dynamically designed interior that certainly gives the car a fantastic look.  The materials used are upscale and comfortable and this interior actually is larger than most others in this class.  With the sound deadening technology that is found inside this car you will be pleased with the amazing quiet cabin that happens to be one of our favorites.  With controls where you are used to them and great technology this is the car to choose if you are shopping in this class.

On the outside of the Cruze Limited you can see a car that is attractive and elegant in its style.  With a beautiful front fascia that aligns well with the larger Chevrolet models in the lineup the Cruze Limited certainly fits right in.  The look moves over the vehicle smoothly in a way that offers some aerodynamic appearances that are easy to enjoy and makes the Cruze Limited a sharp image.  With attractive Chevrolet wheels under the car that range from sixteen to eighteen inches this car is one that others will be looking at and admiring.

Looking to the standard offerings of this car which comes in six trim levels the base LS shows up with premium cloth seating, Bluetooth connectivity, a six-speaker audio system, keyless entry, a six-month trial of GM OnStar system and ten airbags which includes driver and front passenger knee airbags.  This gives you a few great items to enjoy and with this smaller list of features helps to keep the prices down for this model.  If you want to move up to better equipment you need to head up to the 1LT, Eco, 2LT or LTZ trim level.

For the optional features the Cruze Limited shows up with a navigation system, a rearview camera, a nine-speaker Pioneer premium audio system, a power driver’s seat, the Wi-Fi hotspot from the OnStar system, a power sunroof and a remote engine starter.  There is a sporty package available called the RS package  which offers a rear spoiler, dynamic lower bodywork, fog lights, and an upgraded front and rear.  Safety is improved to offer blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alerts and rear parking assistance.  The higher trim levels are also the only ones that will have cruise control.

Looking to pricing the Cruze Limited begins at the base L model around $17,000 with the manual transmission.  The LS gives you the automatic and comes at just below the $20,000 mark.  Moving up through the trim levels the top end LTZ will start around $25,000 with the fully loaded version gives you a price of $28,500 which offers you a small pricing structure in order enjoy some awesome features without paying a price that is more than you can afford.  The Cruze Limited certainly sets the bar high for the new Cruze when it’s offered, which gives us a great car to buy now and a fantastic amount of anticipation for the next model.  Check out the new Cruze when you visit your local Chevy dealer and let us know what you think about this exciting new ride.

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